Dana 44 axle shaft torque specs

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Dana 44 axle shaft torque specs

Help Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 23 of Thread: Dana 44 Torque specs? Dana 44 Torque specs? Ok Ill soon be putting my front 44 back together and Im trying to track down the torque specs. The center is done so no worries there. Just need the specs for the knuckles out. Ive got one PDF that has part but not all the s.

Rubicon JK Dana 44 Axles - Far Better 44s

Ive also checked Mr. Ns site, but I dont remember seeing them there. Any ideas? Thanks The torque specs for the rear retainer bolts on a rear 44 would be nice too. Anyone else? Well I need the specs for the ball joints, the spindle studs, the bearing retainer hardware for the front. I need the torque specs for the rear axle retainer hardware. Ball joints: torque the lower nut to lb-ft, then torque the upper sleeve to lb-ft, then the upper nut to lb-ft.

I've never used a torque wrench for wheel bearing nuts or the rear axle retainer plate nuts. Last edited by Steve; August 1st, at PM.

dana 44 axle shaft torque specs

Originally Posted by Steve. For something that's not an interference fit or involves moving parts just use the German method, Gudentight. There are standards for torque based on bolt size and thread type. If you're really that concerned about torque ratings there are charts on the internet which give general specs.

Honestly though, the torque to bolt the backing plate to the axle flange is about as crucial as the torque to bolt a bumper to a frame.

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Originally Posted by lilgreenjeepyj. So how tight then??? I know both are compression lock nuts, but I don't want anything to fall off either Yes, Im a newb. Originally Posted by WhyJay.See all 9 photos. The Dana Spicer 44 axle has been a pillar of the four-wheeling community since the first time some '49 flatfender Jeep was dropped into low range and taken off road.

These light- and medium-duty axles have been under Dodge, Jeep, Chevy, International, and Ford trucks as well as many cars and SUVs, and came with many variations of splines, pinions, aluminum housing, and so on.

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But it's time for an upgrade. With the introduction of the '07 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon, Dana and Jeep collaborated to bring the old Dana 44 up to date with larger parts, from ring gears to axleshafts. In fact, this New Generation Dana 44 should probably have been named the Dana 48 because of all its upgraded innards. Many of you may not be in the market for a brand-new Wrangler, but some are looking for a stronger new axle. Lucky for us, Mopar recognized those buyers and began offering its new Rubicon JK Dana 44 axles to the public at any local Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealership.

Mopar then expanded from the improved Dana 44 by also offering the axles from its military JK variant known as the J8 as well as JK axles modified by Dynatrac to bolt into the earlier Jeep TJs. All these new Dana 44 variants fit the new style of gears and lockers, different from the Dana 44 axles of yore, but with many different gear ratios and lockers becoming available. So if you're building a new Jeep, a mini-truck, or a small, lightweight buggy, it's time to look at the New Generation of the oldest 4x4 axle ever.

Both the front and rear use larger pinion shafts, and the rear low-pinion axle also has a larger-diameter ring gear and new spline axleshafts. Though they use different gears, factory and aftermarket gear ratios are available, from 4. The high-pinion front axle uses a U-joint.

Previous Dana 44s all had a smaller steering joint. The next axle Mopar offered is the military variant from the J8 military Jeep Wrangler. However, if you are planning on swapping these under anything, notice that they come with the standard front JK coil spring and link suspension mounts, though the rear is set up for leaf springs.

The J8 front 44 is the only new New Generation-style Mopar 44 that can use an aftermarket ARB or Detroit locking differential, as all the 44s that come with the GKN locker are currently machined in a way that doesn't allow swapping in the aftermarket lockers. These axles start out as JK Rubicon axles, but are then modified by Dynatrac for Mopar with narrower housings, thicker-walled axletubes, and beefier brackets attached and ready to bolt into a standard Jeep TJ Wrangler built from to These axles are available through any Dodge, Chrysler, or Jeep dealership and come with 4.

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It locks in under 0. Unlike some competing products, the GKN EDL can engage at any vehicle speed and at wheel speed differences over rpm; stays locked through rocking cycles, reducing driveline impacts and improving control; and does not require special lubricants or oil additives.

dana 44 axle shaft torque specs

Dynatrac, in addition to supplying Mopar with some axles and being a certified Mopar dealer, has also come out with its own Dana 44 offerings. The first is the JK Trail Series These are simply a JK Rubicon axlehousing that has been retubed with thicker-walled axletubes and stronger Dynatrac brackets 0. For the be-all end-all in new-generation 44s, you need to look into the Dynatrac ProRock These high-clearance housings come with up to 3-inch tubes, stronger end forgings, and extra-thick brackets.

They can be used to swap in all your current JK internals and knuckles or can be built to your specifications for any project that needs a high-pinion, high-clearance, light- to medium-duty axle.

Plus these housings can be made to accept either the GKN or aftermarket locking differentials, but only the new-generation ring-and-pinions with the larger pinion shafts. However, unlike Mopar, Dynatrac will give you any gear ratio available whereas Mopar only supplies a 4.

Close Ad. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.See all 15 photos. Editor's note: As time permits, we'll focus our attention in each issue of FW on a single transmission, transfer case, or axle that was popular in a variety of past OE truck and Jeep applications, and which still holds appeal to truck builders today. We'll examine their componentry, talk to experts about their strengths, look for any obvious weak links, and recommend strong fixes when applicable.

This month, we delve inside the popular Dana 44 and Dana 60 axles and see how they have improved in the aftermarket for wheelers. Dana 44 and Dana two of the axles coveted by wheelers in their quest for more robust rigs. While the stock or "junkyard" axles are desirable in their own right, companies such as Dynatrac in Huntington Beach, California, have been building brand new replacement axles for the four-wheeling community for over 15 years.

Remember, the main job of an axle housing is to support the weight of vehicle, support the gears in mesh, and to maintain its shape under load.

Stronger, performance-oriented axles are improved in these areas to offer better reliability and more confidence on the trail. We spent a day at Dynatrac to learn about the differences between the 44 and 60 to help you determine which axle might be right for you. To better understand performance Dana axles, we'll first give you a brief history of the Dana 44 and Dana The Dana 44 was introduced after World War II and is commonly found under the front and rear of a wide variety of Jeeps, as well as International Harvester, Dodge, Studebaker and Ford trucks, and even under the rear of Isuzu Rodeos and Honda Passports up until the mid-'90s.

It was offered in a centered or offset design, low or high pinion, and with either two-piece or flanged axleshafts. Starting inmodern factory Dana 44s had spine axleshafts with a thickness of 1. Axletube diameters range from 2. Ring gear diameter is 8. The available gear spreads for the Dana 44 range from 2. The Dana 60a heavier-duty axle than the Dana 44, was first used in the s.

Dana 44 Carrier and Pinion Bearing Replacement Basics

The Dana 60 can even be found underneath some performance Chrysler cars of the late '60s and early '70s, and was a very rare option on early-'60s CJs. Late-model Dana 60s are typically equipped with spline axleshafts, in either a semi- or full-floating configuration; spline axleshafts are found in some applications from the factory, but are the standard upgrade in the aftermarket. Axletubes vary in size from 3 inches to 3. Both versions have a torque output rating of 5, lb-ft.

The Dana 60's ring gear is 9. There are both low- and high-pinion designs, and six- and eight-lug wheel bolt patterns. Of course, these brief descriptions are generalizations about the axles and don't cover every configuration that was made. So, what makes a performance axle better than a stock axle? Let's look at a rear Dynatrac 60 versus a rear junkyard Dana For starters, the Dynatrac 60 comes standard with larger diameter spline axleshafts 1.

The Dynatrac 60 also has Dana size spindles, thicker tubes, higher-strength and higher-quality material, and stronger castings. And while the majority of stock Dana 60 axles have drum brakes, Dynatrac outfits its 60s with standard disc brakes.

Lastly, the Dynatrac housing is much more robust than any stock unit and in many areas has been subtly enhanced for stoutness. Part of Dynatrac's success comes from its proficiency at application engineering, and engineering aptitude in general. Dynatrac doesn't just add material and call it stronger; they strategically build strength and rigidity into the product and then prove it through testing.

Another area to consider is the material that goes into making the product. Just because two housings or axle shafts look the same and are said to have the same grade of metal, it does not make them equal. Dynatrac products are developed and manufactured in the United States with superior American steel. Because of the level of American manufacturing sophistication and quality control, Dynatrac consistently delivers on its promise of quality and strength.

And if there is breakage, Dynatrac offers a "No Fault" month, unlimited mileage warranty. Dynatrac makes no apologies for not offering the lowest priced products. Because of the value built into every axle, coupled with the engineering effort and premium materials, you certainly get what you pay for.Dana is the stock differential for a large segment of domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. Dana front and rear differentials can be found most commonly in Jeep, Ford and Dodge vehicles.

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Year Dana Dana 28 IFS. Dana 28, Independent Rear Suspension. Dana 30 Front, Reverse Rotation. Dana 30 Front, Standard Rotation. Dana 30 Rear. Dana "Super" 30 Ford Front. Dana 44 Front, Disconnect Design, '' Dana 44 Front, Standard Rotation. Dana 44 Rear. Dana 44 Rear, Corvette. Dana 44 Rear, Jaguar. Dana 44 Rear, JK Rubicon. Dana 44, 19 Spline. Dana 44, TJ Rubicon Wrangler front. Dana 44, TJ Rubicon Wrangler rear. Dana 44HD. Dana 44HD, ''04 Grand Cherokee. Dana 50 Front, IFS. Dana 50 Front, Straight Axle.

Dana 60 Front, Disconnect Design, '99 only. Dana 60 Front, Reverse Rotation. Dana 60 Front, Standard Rotation - 16 Spline. Dana 60 Front, Standard Rotation - 30 Spline. Dana 60 Front, Standard Rotation - 35 Spline. Dana 60 Quadrasteer Rear. Dana 60 Rear - 16 Spline. Dana 60 Rear - 23 Spline.Several variations of the Dana 44 have been used as the rear axle in Jeeps, all of them use a 8. The Dana 44s with the two piece shafts are 19 spline or 27 spline and the versions wih the once piece shafts are 30 spline.

Not all ratios are available for all the variations of the Dana Before all CJ Dana 44s had an offset differential since the Dana 18 transfer case has the rear output shaft offset to the passenger side.

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Before midthey used a 19 spline or 27 spline, two piece axle shaft. After midthey used a superior 30 spline flanged axle shaft. Starting inthe Dana 20 transfer case was used which has the rear output shaft centered, so the rear axle has the differential in the center. From the Dana 44 was used with a 30 spline flanged axle shaft. This Dana 44 uses 11" drum brakes and the most common ratio is 3.

The other exception is inwhen CJ production was coming to a close AMC 20s were in short supply, so they used wide track Dana 44s in some of the '86 models. Use of the Dana 44 in began somewhere between serial numbers ending with and The axles were flanged and 30 spline. Common ratios were 2. All CJ Dana 44s use a 5 on 5. This version has one piece 30 spline shafts. Center differential rear Dana 44 from ''75 CJ I'm not sure if the XJ always came with a Dana 44 when the towing option was ordered.

The axles will interchange between the models and use a 5 on 4. This axle could also be a good low buck swap for a Wrangler YJ, but the sping perches would need to be moved. The shafts are one piece and 30 spline. It is also a C-clip axle with one piece shafts and a 5 on 4.

Because of the aluminum housing and C-clips, it is not really any more desirable than a Dana 35c. The shafts are 30 spline. One of the great things about the new TJ is it can be ordered with a Dana 44 rear.All Rights Reserved. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram for access to specials and discount codes! Join Our Mailing List. Built with Volusion. Dana 44 Service Manual D44HD - Dana 44HD axles are not compatible with standard Dana 44 components and, unfortunately, aftermarket lockers are not currently available for this model.

Axle Details The Dana 44 axle has been in use since the s and is still a very popular axle today. It features a 8.

dana 44 axle shaft torque specs

Dana 44 axles can be identified by their 10 cover bolts, hexagon shaped diff cover with very round edges, and a fill plug located near the axle centerline. An axle ID tag may also be attached by one of the diff cover bolts. Dana 44 OX Locker 30 Spline 3. OX Lockers have a unique cable shifted locking mechanism that makes them extremely tough, durable, reliable, and easy to use.

A heavy duty differential cover is included and the mechanical or air operated shifters sold separately make for an easy installation in any vehicle.

Dana 44 OX Locker 33 Spline 3. Dana 44 OX Locker 35 Spline 3. ARB Air Lockers use compressed air to engage and disengage their internal locking mechanism at the simple flip of a switch. Eaton E-Lockers use a proprietary electromagnetic locking mechanism to switch between an open carrier and a fully locked differential.

They are specifically designed for use in 4x4 vehicles and feature heavy duty components for maximum durability and reliability. Detroit Truetrac Lockers are maintenance free, fully mechanical, Torsen style limited slip differentials with helical gears instead of clutch packs which wear out over time to provide constant torque to both wheels while still allowing for smooth turns on pavement. Dana 44 Detroit Locker 30 Spline 3. Dana 44 Detroit Locker 33 Spline 3.

Dana 44 Detroit Locker 19 Spline 3. Dana 44 Yukon Zip Locker 30 Spline 3. Yukon Zip Lockers are competition grade, air-operated, selectable lockers built to handle the abuses of off-road racing while feeling right at home on the street or drag strip. They are assembled in the USA and backed by Yukon's industry leading 2 year warranty.Lack of proper lubrication is the most common cause of premature failure in u-joint kits and slip assemblies. Inadequate lube cycles, and failure to lubricate the u-joints and slip splines properly, will not only cause premature u-joint kit failures, but may lead to other problems, such as slip spline seizures.

Relubrication at recommended intervals see Chart 5 flushes abrasive contaminants from the u-joints and slip components, helping to optimize the life of the driveshaft. You can rely on Spicer products to deliver the premium performance that keeps your vehicle on the road. Dana recommends lubrication with Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease or Chevron Ultra-Duty EP-2 or a compatible lithium-based grease meeting N. Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease is available in packs of oz.

A separated driveline can result in serious injury or death. In order to minimize the potential for driveline failure, including driveline separation, you must:. Prior to installing a new u-joint into the driveshaft, you must:. After installation into a driveshaft, and prior to being placed into service, you must with the exception of Service-Free U-joints lubricate each u-joint kit in accordance with the following recommendations:. If that should ever happen, try one of these purging procedures to relieve seal tension:.

Push up on the driveshaft, from the side opposite the bearing that will not purge, while applying gun pressure to the lube fitting. Striking the yoke ear may relieve tension across the span. Rotate shaft degrees and repeat procedure on opposite lug ear. Apply grease gun pressure.

If the problem still persists move on to steps 3 and 4. Depending on the type of yoke design in your driveshaft, release pressure on the affected bearing s as follows:. DSSM for u-joint kit installation instructions. Click here to view. Refer to Bolt Installation Procedures section for instructions. On half round type yokes with bearing retainers or bearing straps:. Always use a restraining strap to prevent them from falling out of the vehicle.

Refer to the lube interval chart on the back of this brochure for recommendations regarding lube cycles vs. New Spicer Service-Free SF light-duty and medium-duty u-joints are shipped pre-lubed, with the bearings installed on the cross trunnions.

It is not necessary to grease them after installation. SPLSF3X are supplied with a pre-determined amount of Spicer synthetic grease,which must be added to the journal cross and bearing caps prior to assembly into the driveshaft yokes.

Wipe a liberal amount of grease on the bottom of each bearing. ALWAYS make sure you re-install the same bearing back onto the same cross trunnion when installing the u-joint into the driveshaft yoke. Some are retained with self-locking bolts that have a non-serrated head and lock patch and use a lock strap. After tightening to the proper torque, bend the tabs of the lock straps up against the bolt heads to lock the bolts in place.

And for more information about genuine Spicer universal joints, talk to your Spicer parts representative today. Category Axle Driveshaft Transmission Lubricants. How to Use DanaAftermarket. Automotive Performance Commercial Off-Highway. Select Region.

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